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Welcome back to the Palace! PALAIS APIIM |APIIM All Power Is In Me| is an exclusively unique Hand-Made jewelry line fusing wire wrapping with bead work. Each piece is made to look and feel like a royal, priceless, powerful, yet peaceful ancient treasure to be discovered by you. All pieces are blessed in the process and created in a harmonious space. Your throne awaits you my love. Enjoy adorning your mind, body and spirit! Love, Reign.


This collection represents one of my favorite times growing up and that is playing with BARBIE! My mom literally brought me as many barbies, barbie houses and barbie accessories as she could. Playing with barbies honestly kept me busy and in a more innocent state with everything going on where I came from. It showed me that maybe one day I can have a house like this or build a world of my own. I am the character and I can write my movie how I want it to be. It is okay to be feminine, enjoy dressing up/adornment and relishing in being a Lady/Queen/Goddess/Boss. Each outfit represents a different side of me, each room represents my many creations/realities. I love this collection inspired by Barbie because it takes most girls back to when they were young, playing, imagining and simply being a girl. 


This Capsule “BARBIIE REIGN” collection is made to activate your Heart/Love Chakra and made with the intention to activate your best feminine energy…whatever that means to you. My intention is to bring back that child-like innocence and remind women that we must KEEP on playing, keep on imagining and keep on re-creating our expression on the outside as we evolve internally as well. Each piece is named after a pink flower. May you continue to water your garden and blossom my love. Enjoy! 


Center Piece Crystal: CLEAR QUARTZ | This Crystal Aids: Master Healer |Harmonizing all 7 Chakras | Amplifying Energy | Clarity | Calmness | Concentration | Memory


Center Piece Crystal: AMETHYST | This Crystal Aids: Spiritual Awareness | Meditation | Transformation | Body Healing | Inner Peace | Balance | Stress Relief


Wire: Jewelers Brass


All chains for the “Delicates Collection” pieces are 18” hypoallergenic stainless steel and wire gold-filled. All other chains are 24” hypoallergenic stainless steel chains. All Crowns, Bangles, Suede Necklaces and Chokers are one size fits all. All hoop earrings are hypoallergenic stainless steel and gold-filled wire. All gold rings are gold-filled wire.


Crystal Properties by CHAKRA/COLOR

Base Chakra (RED/BLACK): Stability | Abundance | Grounding

Sacral Chakra (ORANGE): Creative Energy | Sexual energy

Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW/PYRITE): Personal Power | Self-ConfidenceHeart Chakra (GREEN): Love | Joy | Inner peace

Throat Chakra (SKY BLUE): Communication | Truth | Self-expression

Third Eye Chakra (INDIGO): Intuition | Wisdom | Imagination

Crown Chakra (VIOLET): Higher Self | Spirituality(CLEAR) All 7 Chakras: Clarity | Energy Amplifying | Memorization | Focus


 Shipping: Processing time for each order is about 3-7 days. Your treasure will ship in 2-7 business days domestic and 5-10 business days international. We ship to the Moon!


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