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        Reign Apiim founded Palais Apiim in June of 2013 after a year long journey collecting crystals and studying the symbolism of dreams.  After the crystals began to raise her vibrations and elevate abilities to manifest her goals, she decided to make treasures so everyone else can poses magic and abundant manifestation as well.


  Palais Apiim creates one of a kind jewelry starring high vibrational healing crystals, wire, beautifully ornate beading and now more delicate pieces.

 These jewels are carefully handcrafted with prosperous magical energy giving the wearer healing, combined with the beading a euphoric feeling of royalty.

Palais Apiim magical jewels aims for you to discover the positive light that resides inside of you and using it to shine outward while helping others rise.  We are all divine beings. Lets claim our divinity together with Palais Apiim.

APIIM ALL POWER IS IN ME You, Us, All Together.

Love, Reign Apiim

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