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Crown 7 | Crown Chakra | White 

Stones: Herkimer Diamond, Celestite, Clear Quartz and Citrine

This piece is made to elevate your energy center for your HIGHER SELF! It activates your connection to the higher power, your god self, celestial realm and all things divine beyond what we see in the physical world. These combinations of stones are great for more elevated meditation, dream recall, astral projection, intuition and all that is experienced beyond this plane of existence. You feel every crystal energetically on some level but the level with these particular stone properties are more intense. It takes you to a peaceful space while reminding you how rich you are in spirit and connected to everything.     


Crown 6 | Third Eye Chakra | Violet and Lapis 

Stones: Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli 

This piece is made to elevate your energy center for INTUITION. As we get closer to the crown the energy builds and this is one of the most powerful, visually vivid and healing stone combinations. This combination has the same effects as the Crown Chakra stones but more focused on seeing..seeing lessons, visions, scenarios and any aspect of your life before it happens. Even though you may not see it yet in the physical realm does not mean it is not on the way yet. Your intuition is one of the strongest ways God can speak to you. These stones also help with dream recall, having vivid/colorful/clear/magical dreams with more obvious symbolism to help you make your slumber actually fun. With each piece you step into a different realm and this one is a world on its own because it is more focused on your IMAGINATION.