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Amethyst Hoops

Amethyst Hoops

Welcome back to the Palace!
PALAIS APIIM |APIIM All Power Is In Me| is an exclusively unique Hand-Made jewelry line fusing wire wrapping with bead work. Each piece is made to look and feel like a royal, priceless, powerful, yet peaceful ancient treasure to be discovered by you. All pieces are blessed in the process and created in a harmonious space. Your throne awaits you my love, Enjoy adorning your body and spirit <3! Love, Reign.
Center Piece Crystal: AMETHYST | This crystal Aids: Spiritual Awareness | Mediation | Transformation | Body Healing | Inner Peace | Balance | Stress Relief
Wire Around Crystal: Gold Filled
All Pieces from the “Azucar Collection” features beautiful pearlized glass beads!
All Chokers and Bracelets will fit the average size woman’s neck and wrist, however if you would like a custom length to fit you, email with your desired length and order number in the subject line directly after placing your order.
All chains for the “Dedicates” pieces are 18” hypoallergenic stainless steel chains. All other chains are 24” hypoallergenic stainless steel chains. All Crowns, Bangles, Suede Necklaces and Chokers are one size fits all. All hoop earrings are hypoallergenic stainless steel and hooks for “Dedicates” earrings are Gold Vermeil
|Crystal Properties by CHAKRA/COLOR|
Base Chakra (RED/BLACK): Stability | Abundance | Grounding
Sacral Chakra (ORANGE): Creative Energy | Sexual energy
Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW/PYRITE): Personal Power | Self-Confidence
Heart Chakra (GREEN): Love | Joy | Inner peace
Throat Chakra (SKY BLUE): Communication | Truth | Self-expression
Third Eye Chakra (INDIGO): Intuition | Wisdom | Imagination
Crown Chakra (VIOLET): Higher Self | Spirituality
(CLEAR) All 7 Chakras: Clarity | Energy Amplifying | Memorization | Focus
>>Shipping: Your treasure will ship in 2-7 business days domestic and 5-10 business days international. We ship to the Moon!<<
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