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Good day Queens and Kings! Here at the Palace all Crowns are custom made to ensure each person has a unique piece. We customize the pieces not only for the beautiful appearance and colors but the energy in the crystals as well. The goal is to make every crown wearer look AND feels like royalty. We are all Queens and Kings. Queens and Kings share, but only YOU should have and wear your crown. Your head is the most priceless part of your temple. Adorn and protect it.


Building your crown is a simple process. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW IN THE CONTACT FORM.


1.How Many Points 3 or 5. 3 point crowns are $200 and 5 Point crowns are $500. Shipping Included. Attach an image from our site closest to the design you want.

2. An amulet is resting in each point. Which crystal(s) would you like in the center of each amulet? The following crystals are included in the price: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite, Blue Calcite, Citrine, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline and Red Carnelian. All other special requested stones will be a bit extra.

3. Color of Beads (Everyone usually chooses golden, but please know they can be any color or combination of colors)

4. Forehead peice(s) or none. Forehead pieces are an additional $20

5. Golden Arches over each triangle point (as seen in pearl crown above) is  an extra $40

Once we agree on the details, payment is sent to Cashap Or Venmo (Lashaia Artis), and address is emailed... I will begin making your custom crown immediately! All orders receive 2 day Priority Mail Shipping and as soon as order is shipped you will receive a tracking number. All pieces are hand made.  Once deposit is made for a crown and crown is started there are no refunds. Thank you and look forward to assisting you in claiming your divinity!


                        SEE CUSTOM CROWN EXAMPLES BELOW!




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